Our History

The Beginning

Founded on 25.05.2020, Golden Phoenix Express began its journey as a small German VTC.

We began establishing our VTC's Paintjob, Rules; met & hired many new & old friends around the community. Slowly but surely growth came to our family, known for being active & mainly around populated areas of TruckersMP.

Our First Paint Job!

White, Yellow or better known as Golden! That was the start of the VTC, Golden & Perfect as we planned it!

A New Start!

After the departure of our Co-Founder, We took a step into our future, to have a new livery; attending popular global events!

GPE's End!

After sometime, we gained a huge amount of attraction, many wanted to join us. Our team struggled & eventually decided that it would be best if we ended the chapter.

We Are Back!

GPE was reopened on 01.01.2022 by HandOfClash together with Matt, Flynn, Fox7y and Simulation Gaming. A new family, one which is active, friendly & experienced together with a fresh look!

GPE Today!

With our new management team, we have achieved over 50 Drivers & 700 Discord Members! A highly experienced staff team & more!

Meet The Team